Piece of Beach

The average citizen
Has little or no access
To the best of our coast,
And pristine beaches.

There used to be free
White sand, sun, and sea,

Now the access price is outside
Of the locals basic budget.

Agencies that were formed
To deveop public assets,
Intalls showers, fencing, and a gate,
Then charge an entrance fee.

The foriegn direct investment
To the robust tourism sector
Builds concrete monstrosities,
Blocking the waterfront from view.

Those who do not drive miles
For a slither of unfenced beach,
Must pay for a one day pass
And more to use additional facilities.

Most beachfront properties
Employ security guards,
To point out the invisible borders
Of their piece of beach.

The sea that was livelihood
To fishermen and trap makers,
Seafood cooks, and conch divers,
Now removed from their reach.

Discussion must be had
And permission first granted,
Before they can access waters
Used prior to any hotel construction.

Building sea side resorts
Involves removing sea weeds,
Other vegetation, and coral reefs,
Destroying marine life habitats.

But the visitors prefer
Blue sea and white sand,
Like the perfection in the ads
To this vacation destination.

At least they are being
Enjoyed by some people,
Though it would require reform
For that to fully apply to all.

The land of wood and water
Doesn’t freely reserve for nationals,
The many privileges offered
To paying foriegn guests.

The way things are developing,
This generation’s grandchildren
Who can’t pay, will not touch
Their surrounding caribbean sea.

Ria 2016


Free access to beaches is a rising issue in this vacation destination. The Caribbean sea being walled and fenced off for miles. What was once commonplace,  an early morning swim or twilight stroll on the beach, is being priced out of reach. One would like to hope that with some reasonable adjustments, this situation might change.

Long before Jamaicans could relate to beach access issues, this song below asks the question “Can you swim on any beach you want to?”
Check it –

-One Love 🙂 Ria