For Raw Cash

It never comes easy,
Not that part anyway,
Which is always essential
To positive financial activists.

Getting the initial buy-in
To be consistently profiting,

Enhancing brand loyalty
And a broad customer base.

Only some presumed value
Will encourage an exchange,
Though never the actual prestige
Of the expected high esteem.

Efforts of intellectual property
Tend to grow, or go askew
With pieces of the soul
Prostituted for raw cash.

In the hustle for market share,
Fantasies may even crystallize
As a result of the levels,
And frequency of abandonment.

The exception being, thoughts taken
From concept to creation
Then marketed and sold,
Packaged as realized dreams.

All else is the dreamer.
Obscure behind regret,
Mountains of unfinished work,
Or selling for an achiever.

Ria 2016