Continue To Dare

It is a simple natural way
On the speculative route,
As things shuffle continually.

Swooping down on vulnerability,
To fly away with claws filled
With strips of possibilities.

Parched in the moments heat,
Too weak to crawl away
From lots cast near defeat.

The effort is immense,
And might prove rather futile
With all it’s up against.

Tempted fate repays abuses,
Brought along like baggage,
Dead weight, and excuses.

Left open to chance attacks,
Out on the brink of life
Where security is most lax.

Little means for protection,
When whatever the wager
Attracts dubious attention.

The proffer is simply a delay,
At the gambling table where
Chained destinies may parlay.

Since all sorts of probabilities
Should be gladly embraced,
Even the inconsistencies.

Though the unknown is feared,
Risks are taken and won only
By those who continue to dare.

Ria 2016