Dreams To Remember

The family laughs at her
Behind her back these days,
And made sarcastic comments
That really hurt her feelings.

They were being mean
But it never broke her spirit,
Since she’d always trusted herself
Even if they had no faith in her.

She spent all of her life
Unnoticed and invisible,
The child in the middle of five
Who tends to disappear.

Her change of career direction again
Made her the topic of their discussion.
The black sheep to the slaughter,
As they ridiculed her perceived misfortune.

Not a moment passed without
Someone commenting on her age,
Station, or this tragic mistake they felt
That she’d made with her life.

She spent almost every chance
Pluming her depths for the methods,
Courage, and other necessities
Of someone in her situation.

Without their help to begin again
She’d be starting from naught,
Giving her the obvious advantage
Of nothing at all to lose.

She plotted how to work through
Creating much better days,
Cocooned in her imagination
From the unsupportive family.

To them it all seemed tragic,
What was for her a turn in luck.
With odd things she’d abandoned
Now bubbling from her brim.

Somehow she never was cut out as
An established tenured professional whatever.
And woke up from the work force coma,
Realizing she had dreams to remember.

So she was determined,
Even through her most
Challenging experience yet,
To not lose sight of them again.

Her trust  in herself held firm
While her old desires resurfaced.
With only what time could have fathomed
Or fashioned, in her changing tide.

Ria 2016