Out Of The Way

*”You get off!”

– “No! you get off!”

*”What? you get off!”

– “After you.”
“Wait one darn minute,
Where are you coming from?”

*  “No, first tell me where you’re going to?
There’s nothing back there for you.”

– “I refuse to believe that’s true,

Now get the hell out of my way
And don’t make me have to move you,”

* “Move me? You crazy? Go stand over there!”
“You think for some reason,
That I’ll suddenly be afraid of you?”

– “You better move! You hear what I say?
Or there’ll be fisticuffs right here today.”

*”You threaten me, you imbecile,
Do you even know who I am?”

– “I dont know and I dont care,
A man is just a man.”
“If you’re so special what’s the rush
Have you forgotten your good graces?
Or is the hurry caused by your attitude
Getting you chased from decent places?”

* “Well good sir I have always avoided
Having arguments with idiots,
But with one blocking my way
This time it’s rather difficult.”

-“Is that right you jackass?
Go bray somewhere else,
I’ve seen worst where I’m coming from
Move out of my way mr special big head!”

*”I’m not going to stand here
And be subject to your abuse
Now move and let me pass!”

– “Why the hell don’t you move?”
“Blocking the way with your ego,
Why are you even on this path?”

* “I’m heading back, from where
You’re in a hurry to go,”

– “You still haven’t told me why
You’ve turned back on this road
I’m sure leads to success”

* “I don’t owe you an explanation!”
“But I will tell you that
This road ends at a placid pool,
Reflecting what this path will make
Of both you and your success.”

– “I’ll be beautiful,  you don’t scare me”

* “So you say but from your behavior, I’m sure
Your inevitably ghastly reflection
Will chase you back into this direction.”

-“Man you don’t even know me,
Now get your ass out of my way”

* “No you move or we’ll both be
Standing here all day”

– “To think you should know better
For someone of your advanced age.”

* “It’s time youthful exuberance
Showed some respect for experience.
And if only you’d listen
It might save you some disappointment”

– “Well you hear me then move,
Because I’m bound to go get mine
No amount of discouragement from you
Will delay me any longer,”

* “You can’t say you weren’t warned
But can you face what you’ll see
Should success distort you
Like it has done to me.”

– “Well there’s only one way
For me to find out for sure
Now please excuse me,
Thank you and good day sir,”

Ria 2016