Winston & The Rat

My single male neighbor
Winston, told me of a recent issue.
I’m going to tell you about
The cause of his tension:

He was tempted to think
That the death of his cat
Had something to do
With the rat that moved in.

These things often followed
As far as he had known,
And sometimes the winner
Is just smarter and not stronger.

The cat was doing fine,
Sleeping no less than usual.
Prowling sometimes for moths,
Or geckos fallen from the eaves.

While the rodent avoided
Attention in the floorboards,
Rarely squeaking at all
And never coming into sight.

On the morning Winston woke
To find his cat Mrs Sparks dead
Was indeed a sad day,
Her untimely death a mystery.

And he suspected the rat
Was guilty of her murder,
If only there was a way
To prove it with evidence.

So he’d set a trap for the rat.
And if it didn’t kill it, he’d ask
That it tell him what was its role
In the demise of Mrs Sparks.

Of course he would have to
Rough up that rat really bad,
If it should eventually confess
Or try to blame Mr Barkley the dog.

Every member of their household
Knew that Mr Barkley is oblivious,
Plus he’s terrified of Mrs Sparks
Weather she’s awake or not.

And this rat is the only
Un welcomed one living here.
So it’s suspect numero uno
With its greatest opponent gone.

He tried not to obsess about it,
But the rat was becoming a bother
Getting quite barefaced and comfortable,
To the disgust of him and the dog.

And if he didn’t know better,
He’d say the rats devious plans
Seemed to be working all too well,
So he called an exterminator.

Then proceeded to warn
His new kitten about the evils,
And the dangers of rodents
Too smart for their own good.

Well my neighbor, in mourning
His cat, seemed a bit carried away,
With his suspicions and allegations
And conclusions, wouldn’t you say?

Ria 2016