Sticky Business

I’ve kissed enough frogs
To learn now that the ones
That turn into princes
Are still slimy sometimes.

It’s not that I make
A habit of it really,
But those true princes
Are extremely rare.

Some of the frogs
Don’t change at all,
Then end up getting off
With a kiss for no reason.

The whole thing
Can be sticky business,
But there seems to be
Few ways around it.

A kiss crosses the line
Of great anticipation,
That sometimes zigged
Where it should have zagged.

The funny part begins
When the prince appears
And turns up short
Of all I dreamt of.

Some even retain the habit
Of hopping all over the place,
With no real destination
Or ever being committed.

I still believed somehow,
That one day I’ll kiss a frog
And my prince will come
To life just for me.

In the meantime I’ll find
Other ways to occupy myself,
And may even regress
To the old dating scene.

We all know how that works.
And in truth, I’d rather not
Waste an entire evening
When one kiss could do the trick.

Plus frogs don’t hop by often,
And it would surely be sad
If I missed a possible prince
While out on some dicey date.

Assesing some stranger
For the wonderful qualities
I’m almost positive may await me
After the right slippery kiss.

Ria 2016