Solace In Solitude

The pounding of his heart
Was loud in his ears,
And flooding its pumps
That laced his entire body.

If it raced any faster
There would be an explosion,
The banging in his head meant
It would probably be his brain.

Something was happening,
That gave him the feeling
Of spiraling out of control
And coming unhinged.

His mother had suggested
That he speak to a councilor,
But the sessions were stressful
Making him more fragile.

All the questions and digging
Opened up deep buried layers,
Exploring caverns and crevasses
And mysteries of his misery.

He stopped laying on the couch
Or taking the sleep aid
Almost eight months now,
And mainly kept his own company.

It was going rather well
Until that girl started flirting,
Then decided to brush him off
And insult him openly.

He didn’t want to hurt her,
Evev though his mind was filled
With creative and painful ways
To make her regret toying with him.

That’s why he decided to leave,
To get clear away from feeling
The need to control himself
And the overwhelming thoughts.

The drive to the forrest reserve
Was two hous of silence,
And tears flowing freely
In the crisp evening breeze.

Parking, he took a footpath,
Bringing a backpack along
With the bare essentials,
And walked into the wilderness.

He got off the well beaten track
And lost in unmapped terrain,
For mother nature to calm his heart
And clear away the murky thoughts.

The days passed by quickly,
Losing count of them while surviving
Best in self imposed seclusion,
Finding his solace in solitude.

Ria 2016