My Cooking

Breakfast was the same
Every single morning,
Toast and coffee laziness
That still carried on after
Many offers for other things.

After all these months afraid
To try new strange foods,
That were only an option

When I would venture to cook,
Which was rare in the beginning.

The picky eating came
From creative ways of avoiding
His mothers enthusiasm,
And apparent lack of skill
Displayed daily in her kitchen.

My cooking was simple,
And included secret ingredients
Added to each recipe,
With healthy nutrition
In every tasty morsel.

Concerned about his finicky eating,
I encouraged him to find
Better ways to break his fast
Than with a spike in energy
That would quickly wear off.

Beginning with a glass
Of room temperature water,
Then he tried the fruits
And complained about texture
So I blended them into juice.

He didn’t mind the variety
Of options he had for flavor.
So I took my plan a bit farther
And introduced him to more
Since he’d become so open.

It’s no secret that his mother
Was always willing to cook.
Hoping to improve from
Terrible, to pleasantly palatable
With enough practice.

That is exactly what
Had terrorized his taste buds,
To the point where he felt
His excuse about food allergies
Were real though never proven.

His food fears eventually faded,
We enjoyed the meals I made
And his eating habits changed.
With the coffee and toast breakfast
And other blan tastes replaced.

At the catered dinner party,
His mother the host commented
That she didn’t know he ate that,
Every time he touched a platter
To put something in his mouth.

When saying our goodbyes,
His mother jokes of his eating
So many different things lately,
And if he wasnt careful with it
My cooking would make him get fat.

His father laughed and responded
Saying that’s not why she’s worried,
It’s that she sees you found
Your way into our sons heart
By route of his stomach.

We laughed and hugged and left the party.
When we got home having tea he confirmed
That his father had been so very right,
And asked me what my secret was,
I said my cooking is always spiced with love.

Ria 2016