A Gamble

Another set of snake eyes,
Would be a worst fate for him
Than me and my failed suicide.

One of these two goons,
Needed deuces to win
At  this game of street craps.

The other was ready to cut him,
If the dice rolled and he lost
All of that money at once.

Desperation is a bitch.
As the dice bounced of the wall,
He dropped the knife and ran.

Taking the money as he fled
Sprinting down the street,
The winner left behind in shock.

As the spectators dispersed,
Many still laughing and chatting
About what just occurred.

I listened to the chatter,
As I walked past some men
Heading into a nearby bar.

The money stolen and gone,
Was for pampers and formula
That was expected back home.

I headed into the supermarket,
Past a long line of hopefuls
Waiting to buy lottery tickets.

It snaked past the betting shop,
Where boisterous excited punters
Enjoyed the first race of the day.

Never had it occured to me before,
How many depended on possibilities
To supplement their daily income.

I got my groceries home,
Feeling relieved in private,
Glad I won my gamble with death.

At the time it didn’t feel that way,
Until now when I pass by the players
Who indulge in games of chance.

And think just of how
Life is enough of a gamble,
To risk such slim probabilities.

Ria 2016