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The Water


The water had been
My lifelong retreat,
That served as my zone
Where problems dissolved.

When we were young,
My sister and I often
Pretended to row away
As we sat in the bathtub.

Curtis E. James

But we grew up and apart,
While the issues which drove me
To the comfort of water changed,
Along with the direction if my life.

The unfortunate events
Followed one after another,
And took me to arid areas
Of deadly discouragement.

Finding myself on the coast,
After years of wondering
If some dedication to the water
Would offer me its solace.

Getting work cleaning boats
And borrowing them some days,
Rowing out into the bay whenever
The owner or weather allowed.

Leaving out one evening
On a little white sailboat,
To watch the sun go down
In the opening outside the cove.

Not realizing as dusk fell,
How tiring the day was,
Falling into a dead sleep
As the boat drifted off in the night.

The sprinkles of drizzling rain
Woke me in the rocking boat,
Surrounded by dark water
I pulled down the sails.

Feeling afraid this time,
Could be the worst of all
Misfortunes that had befallen me,
As the waters raged dangerously.

I could not read the star maps
Like experienced sea men,
When the skies had cleared
And they twinkled above.

Curling up on the damp hull
As the coldest winds blew in,
Rocking me to sleep again
But nightmares haunted me.

I dreamt I was lost and helpless
On a boat with broken sails,
A water spout coming
While numerous sharks circled.

The warm sunlight woke me up,
And I surveyed my surrounding
To realize the island was there,
Barely visible in the distance.

Unfurling the sails that filled
Quickly with the coastal winds,
Making my way with little effort
Back from a horrible night.

To me, now the waters
Were no longer consolation
From the varying disasters
That always trailed me.

But it was just as dangerous
As any other thing I trusted
To aid and not afflict me,
When I am most vulnerable.

Ria 2016

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This was written in response to The Daily Post prompt Disaster