Familiar Structures


The implosion was deafening.
Clouds of dust rose high,
Some carried by the wind
Leaving a pile of rubble.

The demolition was done
And the clearing up began,
Taking away broken concrete
Along with tangled steel.

He’d been the architect
Guiding the building contractor,
During the construction period
Of the structure being destroyed.

It was a painful blow for him,
To witness the thunderous fall
Of a project he’d taken pride in
And boasted about for years.

Once serving as a housing complex
That had been out of use,
Becoming moldy and rotted
And derelict over the years.

Instead of heading home
He went into the city,
To admire the familiar structures
That had outlived his own.

But the stroll caused sadness,
Only like that experienced
When one has to endure
The destruction of their creations.

Which leaves empty spaces
In hearts and the landscape,
While the memories unlike dust
Does not blow away in the wind.


Ria 2016