sacred geometry

Cycles & Sequence


Endings all have beginnings,
With immeasurable variables
That cover the expanse between.

Like fresh water springs flow
To where rivers meet the sea,
Starting from elsewhere.

And oceans lap the shores,
Surfs froth on sandy pebbles
While waves rise and recede.

The distance covered
By the charged currents,
Map new and full moons.

Always tracing back to cycles
Rotating on cause and effect,
Titling towards perpetual light.

Evaporation fattens clouds
Like dreamscapes in the abyss,
Varying in their semi permanence.

Quaint little connections,
Most fragile at the point
Where alpha parallels omega.

And loves pattern extends itself
In concentric circles, coursing
Along its geometric sequence.

Relevant in each rotation,
The temperance of matter,
Curving on eternities golden ratio.

Ria 2016

The Golden ratio - sacred geometry