smarter phone

Handpicked Cells


Transferring all the data
From the floppy disc to CD’s,
On to tiny thumb drives
Then to a portable hard drive.

Didn’t use the cloud storage,
But sent things through email
So they could always be accessed
Should the need arise.

All the important documents,
And photos, and music, and videos,
That survived past the shelf life
Of old storage devices were saved.

Passwords have kept them
All safe from the intrusion,
Of some with snoopy tendencies
Who like to pry by nature.

Although it had on it, things
That were  well protected
By the basic security measures
For keeping the inquisitive out.

It felt violating to learn
Of the back door giving access
To the hacking of digital treasures
Once thought to be private

Any IP address can be accessed
With the know-how, time, and tools.
Every area of the binary haven
Lay open to surveillance.

And since then it has come down to
Discussing privacy rights, and
Amending and adjusting intrusion,
Mainly for everyone’s protection.

The smart thing about that
Cell phone, flat screen TV, or PC,
Is the convenient access it gives
To what’s meant to be confidential.

If a dam leaked as much
We’d question its construction,
But with operating systems and such
Service providers it isn’t that way.

Enjoying the gadgets without
Seeing how the game’s changed.
After staring at so many versions
Of that one single window.

How would it even be noticed,
With updates and upgrades
That keeps perfecting the scrutiny,
In hand picked new high tech cells.


Ria 2016