brothers keeper

Losing A Chance


Either it was love,
Or the worst build up of gas
That I recall ever having.
And to make it worst
It was horribly noisy.

Rumbling around in my belly,
Feeling just like fluttering. 
So I’m guessing it could be
One or the other of the two,
Causing me to be this lightheaded.

It’s rather uncomfortable,
Making me a bit anxious.
And I sometimes get hot flashes
Entertaining the thought, or presence
Of a particular someone.

I find him handsome,
And charming, and smart,
And sweet, and kind, and generous.
So I waited for the right time
To pursue his awesome wonder.

Since that tummy tornado
Only seems to happen
With his inevitable involvement,
It could just be that I’m allergic
To him or his cologne.

Whichever it was
Really doesn’t matter now,
Since he’s gotten serious
With someone who’s not afraid
To go after what she wants.

Isuppose its for the best,
Since I never really said
Any of the things I thought of him
To him in any of the many times
That we hung out together.

From my calculations,
He seemed to have picked her
Since she had more experience,
With what was in her heart
And when to follow her gut feelings.

Now when I see them together
I can’t help but feel jealous,
And sad for being too silly,
And cowardly, and end up losing
A chance with him to her.

It was a hard lesson to learn,
But now I’m much better
At identifying my feelings.
So it’s the last time I’m mistaking
Love for gas, or whatever it is not.

Being a teenager isn’t easy,
I don’t know why people say that,
Especially with all the things
We have to figure out on our own
That only experience teaches.

Ria 2016