Jamaica – Superstitions


Many people have them, in some way, shape or form. One, or a few, or too many superstitions that run through our minds in certain instances. Jamaica has its fair share of superstitions mostly relating to luck, birth or death. I’ll spare you the long rambling intro and share a few with you.


– By opening an umbrella in a house you get bad luck and you will never marry

– The girl who resembles her father or the boy who resembles his mother will be lucky in life

–  During a wedding reception if anything is broken it will cause an unhappy marriage

– A big black moth in a building is the spirit of a dead person (duppy) coming to visit

– Pregnant women should not climb over a fence or wall or her child will become a thief

– The partner left alive after a funeral must wear red underwear to not be visit for sex by their dead lover

– Night Jasmine planted in the yard encourages the visit of ghosts (duppies)

– A woman can put something in a mans food to tie him into a relationship with her forever

– Someone who is well known for making correct predictions is suspected to have a ‘goat mouth’

– Any part a woman scratches while pregnant and having cravings might give the baby a birthmark

– If a lizard jumps on a woman then she is probably pregnant

– Pouring white rum on the grave spot before breaking the earth is important for the safety of the gravediggers

-Pointing at a grave could cause your fingers to rot unless you bite each finger really hard


Superstitions or not, there are people who strongly believe these things here in Jamaica.  I’m guilty of having some of those superstitions at one point or another. Silly…I know. And no, I won’t say which ones or when :). I hope you all have a great day without any superstitions getting in the way.

That was a shortlist of Jamaican superstitions that I hope has taught you a little more about my little island.

One Love – Ria

I wrote this in response to the The Daily Post prompt Superstition