my hert

As Instruments


If they were yo-yos,
Even far flung
They would still recoil.

But they are not
To be toyed with ever
In this careless manner.

Chords of the heart
Is the accord with which
We bind one to another.

All of its elements
Together, creates the form
Of the shape love takes.

When it is packaged
In it’s ephemeral rhythms,
The present radiates.

Its muscles makes music
Beat in our chest
That few even hear .

Strings are plucked softly
And the melodies float away
Soothing like lullabies.

The gentle music
Balanced on harmonies
That maintains the buoyancy.

Since as instruments
Of the universal vibration,
Our symbols resound.

Hearts have never been
Play things, for games
That harm them in jest.


Ria 2016