What She Figured


She finally figured it out,
Now if she could find herself
At a manageable pace
This triathlon of recuperating
Would be doable at least.

She didn’t even realize
That it was recovery at first,
Meandering along as if
No future love existed or even
Mattered one bit after him.

Days would start and end,
No further than the thoughts
Of things to be done and undone,
Or done a long time ago,
Or left half finished again.

The saddest part was that,
Somewhere along the torrid
Three year on and off affair,
His narcissism had drained
All her creative juices.

And now up against
The last leg to get past it all,
Having learned to float, and rest,
And get back up, and keep rolling,
Would end with long distance running.

Lost in the heart broken herd initially,
Until making her own space.
Not needing to win any medals,
Just to get over the finish line
Regardless of her clocked time.

Her perseverance never faltered,
Only she could understand
How the whole exhausting
Period of recuperation elated her
When it was at its end.

She was better off for it
What she figured was right
A breakthrough would come
After managing the hurdles
Of getting over his lunacy

Every ache where it was expected
Till her sore heart muscles eased.
When she felt the love pumping
Creativity back through her,
With much good riddance to him.

Getting into it with him
Was not a third of the effort
It took to get out of stagnant pools,
Treacherous paths, and far recesses
Of nowhere he had taken them.

Ria 2016