soundless beauty

To End Infidelity


Leaving one or another
Was a duel of the heart.
Both not being an option,
It tore them all apart.

His new love a refreshing
Turn into greener pastures,
With his head in the clouds
Not caring how long it lasted.

She made him laugh,
And feel happy, and at ease.
Always ready to support,
And eager to please.

His old love didn’t seem
Very interested anymore.
And the love life with her
Had become a bore.

She was bossy and angry,
But wasn’t always that way.
When they first met, she joked
And smiled much more everyday.

He had not exactly
Been a saint over the years,
He’d broken some hearts
And been the reason for tears.

Tired of all the love juggling
And sneaking around going on,
He decided to end infidelity,
And duplicity, and manipulation.

Alone one night in his loft
He scheduled two dinner dates,
Deciding to face whatever
Turned out to be his fate.

When the first girl heard about it
She was angry at the disrespect,
Her shrewdness drove him away
What else could she expect.

The new girl felt foolish
Being duped for so many months,
How silly to have fallen
For his charm and appearance.

They both left him of course
And he was sad for coming clean,
But something about confessing
Was a great relief for him.

Now single he preferred
Loving only one woman at a time.
Wanting all and losing it in truth
Often weighed on his mind.


Ria 2016