Thinking Man by Sabrina McGowens

The Wake Of A Partnership


He slipped the ring off,
That had been on his finger
For twenty five long years.

A callous marked the place
Where it tanned and scared,
Yet the wounds ran much deeper.

The ink on the documents
Had hardly dried properly,
When he placed the band on it.

It was delivered at work
Then the package was ignored,
To be opened later at home.

Carefully he read each page,
There would be no alimony
Or child support payments.

Since the children were adults,
And his former wife preferred
To sever all ties to him.

He signed where necessary,
And removed his wedding ring,
But felt little relief from it all.

Staring at the gold circle,
Rubbing the rough indentation
It had left on his finger.

Feeling also, how much
A quarter century had slowly
Hardened parts of his heart.

Somewhere in between
Old habits and new needs,
Their love had lost its away.

Leaving them both stranded
In the wake of a partnership ,
With no one at the helm.

Now he wore a silver band of iris
Marking the end of the twenty five years,
It took to find a way back to himself.


Ria 2016