The Dogon Nommos- Amphibious Gods from Sirius

The Revised Hierarchy


The visits became more frequent,
And the international sightings
Were not brushed aside anymore
Like the rambling if lunatics.

No corner of the planet
Went untouched or unchanged,
By first the absolute horror
Then the fear filled aftermath.

The aliens did not come in peace
Or with any friendly intentions,
Earth just happened to have
Elements to power their progress.

The humans and other animals
Were also convenient for food,
But proved too weak for the labor
Dedicated to the mining.

They had been to other planets,
Depleting them to nothing
More than a vacant spinning orb,
Then moving on to the next.

Earth had first been scouted,
Generations of leaders approached.
Many too afraid to communicate
The numerous warnings received.

When the first space ships landed
There was no press coverage,
But the speculators were out
In curious mumbling crowds.

Earths landmass was overshadowed
By glowing low flying-saucers,
And everything that was alive
Was riddled with nervousness.

The revised hierarchy
Saw humans fall a few notches,
As intelligence was redefined
And development reshaped.

After the salt mines were empty,
They started on extracting
Salt from the seas and oceans
Which was much more difficult.

Their machines did the work
And were controlled by androids,
The products of the eugenics
That followed the human cull.

The aliens only human allies
Were the dwindled Dogon tribe,
Who had maintained contact
But ignored by the world at large.

While others waited for centuries,
For the explicit endorsement
By the scientific community
And agencies of government.

The Dogon remained isolated,
Protected by Sirius C guardians
From other so called civilizations
Suddenly now seeking fraternity.

When their regular modernization
Proved to be useless against the
Invasion from undiscovered Sirius C,
Predicted in timeless Dogon traditions.

Ria 2016

Dogon_dama_ceremony Michele Huet