Kyle Stuckey

The Intrusion


This coward just stood there,
Unable to move, or act,
Or think the next thought it seemed.
So following instructions,
Deftly tied up his two friends
With the duct tape he was given.

Both of us curled on the floor
I pleaded for our life’s,
Him unconscious and bleeding.
My begging was consistent,
Please please please oh please,
Between the anguished sobs.

He was ordered to tape my mouth
And he did so without hesitation,
Smothering my no no no no n…
So I hung my head, now silent
As the tears fell on my lap,
Hoping he would wake up.

This damn fool now starts
To search the house with them,
Cutting pillows and chair cushions.
Our boys were with my mother,
We had planned for time alone,
It was supposed to be date night.

Right in the middle
Of our candle light dinner,
The doorbell rang unexpectedly.
So we joked about it ,
How some poor lost traveller
Urgently needed our help.

A brief exchange of words,
Then he brings in the intrusion
Who apparently needed to use our toilet.
It was his friend from work,
Who waved hi and was shown the way
To the bathroom he claimed to need.

My darling returns to the table.
Lights now on, we speak in whispers
Listening for the guys return.
Standing as he walks back in,
We accompany him to the front  door,
He says a shy thank you.

As soon as he steps out
He was pushed back in,
Looking as shocked as us both.
Then two other men step inside,
One locking the door behind them,
I see my husband looks enraged.

And he steps towards the one
Standing by our blue sofa,
Who gun butt him near his ear.
He falls in a heap to the floor,
His head barely missing
The glass center table.

My scream stops in my throat,
Feeling a gun at my head,
I stoop to check my husband’s pulse.
He was bleeding from the blow,
His breathing was steady,
And they began to talk above us.

That’s when they told that idiot
To tie us up and tape my mouth,
And began to search the house.
Just as they disappeared
Into one of the back rooms,
My husband started to wake up.

Seeing our condition,
He struggled against the bonds
Setting his hands free first.
Then quickly he also frees me,
As we run out the front door
The shots are fired at us.

We ran and ran and ran and ran,
Almost two whole city blocks
Before feeling safe to stop.
Both out breath and shocked,
I hail the cab and we get a ride
To report it at the police station.

My husband is rushed to hospital
After passing out again,
He’s in surgery now so I’m waiting.
Our family is on their way,
I’m here in shock trying to figure out
What the hell were they looking for.

Ria 2016