Waa Gwaan

Jamaica – Slang’s 


It’s been a while since I added some Jamaican flavor, so I thought I’d share some of our slang’s with you.  With measured tone and inflection, Jamaicans colorful expressions never fail to convey exactly what is meant. Our slang’s have been brought far and wide. There are the older ones which are world renowned, such as ‘Irie’ which can means good or nice, and ‘Ital’, meaning natural. Jamaican slang’s are ever changing so below is a list of a few of the more current ones.


We refer to your friend as –


Bad chagie – My protective friend

Daadie –  My older friend

Paarie – My regular hang out friend

Dupes –  My long time friend

Stinger – My sexy male friend

Goodaz – My sexy female friend


We describe people as –


Bush –  They are country bumpkins

Crawb up –  They are looking good

Crawny – They are looking thin awful

Fluffy – They are somewhat fat

Happen – They are looking fabulous

Scabby – They are not taking care of themselves

Waste man – They are of no use


Our current situation could range from –


Up up – Things are at their optimal level

Tun up/ova – Things can’t get any better

Slap weh – Things have gone well

Shell dung – Things are made more awesome

Sell off – Things are at their best

Maad – Things are going great


We might get upset and say –


A dat wid yuh – That is the thing I don’t like about you

A who yu man – Who do you think you are

Big man ting – The conversation just got real serious

Big ooman ting – The conversation just got more honest

Heng up – Shut your mouth and stop talking

Im luddy – He/she deserves whatever their misfortune


Our parting words might be –

Inna di morrows – See you tomorrow

More life, more strength – Stay well until we meet again


I think this might require a Part 2.

Hope you enjoy reading a few of our ever changing slang’s.

One Love – Ria