Go Green

The Green Revolution


Recycling is necessary,
So she got into participating
By separating the trash containers.
Ensuring to always set apart
Plastic, paper, glass and tin
Each into color coded bins.

She’d  bring it with her if out
And not near a garbage can,
Taking it home if not finding one.
For the environment, always
Feeling proud to do her share
While so many others didn’t care.

Every time she saw
Rubbish thrown around anywhere,
It pains her that it was littered there.
She always despised plastic,
Now what she hates to the bone
Is that disgusting Styrofoam.

Drinking her third coffee
In her kitchen daydreaming,
Procrastinating on spring cleaning.
If this should continue
She thought, taking a sip,
Our planet will be one big garbage heap.

All theses man-made things
That do not naturally decay,
Are piled in dumps out off the way.
Then her thoughts drifted
Onto polluted oceans and rivers,
And her hands began to quiver.

Putting down the mug
And whipping up the spill,
Her mind spun like a windmill.
Something must be done,
Is what she kept thinking,
Staring at her mug unblinking.

If only the world followed
The example of  that one nation
With there robust recycling plan.
And learn the importance
Of being more eco friendly,
And treat the planet more lovingly.

Now considering our role
In the earths continued abuse
When we don’t recycle and reuse
And our living is worst affected
By garbage gyres, and landfills,
And growing tire mountains.

Her coffee was now cold
So she lingered no more,
Getting started with her chores.
Deciding to research later on
New horizons in sustainability,
And various initiatives for everybody.

Not many of the options
Were being properly utilized,
Is the main thing she realized.
If devotion to recycling
Could be for most the norm,
We’d all benefit from the green revolution.

Ria 2016


We all have a part to play if we don’t want to bequeath a totally polluted planet to the children of the future. We need to rethink our role and revise our approach in order to play an active part in the green revolution. -One Love.

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