Afro puffs

More Than Fleeting 


Running amuck through my mind,
And even attacking my tongue
In their attempt to escape.

Bolting into my fingers,
Now fidgeting for an instrument
To record it in writing.

Catching up with myself,
As they stampede the nuances
Of my facial expression.

Unfolding arms and feet apart,
Trying hard to stand at ease
Since it hijacks my body language.

These emotions seem to be
Seeking ways all the time
To come out of me.

Thoughts, forcing there way
To become more than fleeting
Implications in mental flow.

Wanting to be spoken,
Or enacted, or transcribed
Like sentiments in urgency.

Some finding liberation
Through avenues of their own
Rather specific choosing.

Revealing more of inside my head
Than I, being more careful, would
When not drunk on hormones.

They get their way sometimes,
Since they can be chaotic
Under too many restrictions.

Ria 2016