black love

Its Whole Sum


It had been years since

Love first blew their minds.

Long before, they had

Been trying to find

The scattered shrapnel

Of the tattered ideals.

Until fitting together again

What pieces seemed most real.

They had at the first go

Been just way too naive,

Evident now in the shreds

Of heart on their sleeves.

Both being overwhelmed

Stirring up each others feelings,

Misusing their transcendence

In the sheer fear of dreaming.

They trusted their old wounds

Would eventually begin healing.

Both were clearly changed

By what they were dealing.

Once ripped raw, to now reek

The tendencies of renewed love.

Facing all its multiple parts

Back together finding its whole sum.

Being older and more dedicated

And secure in their love now,

Every moment treasured

And clarifying somehow.

So what of it that strives

Naturally will be only the best,

Unrelenting and together through

Love and times continual tests.


Ria 2016