Artist Leo

The Souls Of All


The movement he saw
Across the dark foyer
Was hard to explain.

It seemed to be a shadow
Of no particular shape,
From the corner of his eye.

Some times in other rooms,
There alone, he felt as though
Some unseen companion hovered.

He was not amused,
And feared the possibility
Of an actual confrontation.

Not exactly terrified,
Knowing there was no running,
Since we were outnumbered.

Because this planet is host to
The souls of all its dead,
Outnumbering those of the living.

When they would make
Their presence felt about him,
He acted nonchalantly.

Privately grateful, that
Those free roaming souls
Were not too obnoxious.

And most seem willing to keep
The boundary, that divides
Many dead from the few living.

Like him, in their present lives,
Encroaching on those spaces
Once assigned to other souls now past.


Ria 2016