Better Friends


Their good times were over,
Buried under hurried lives
Along with all other such things
Plus what had become of them.

They had been best friends
For what seemed like ages,
But they’d both lost track
On life’s busy byways.

Throughout childhood together
Were endless giggles and games,
Before parents started divorcing
And school got difficult.

As teens they stuck it out,
Through the incidents meant
To tear close friends apart,
And crushes, and broken hearts.

During college was rough
But they made the most of it.
Then things began to change,
And they made a lot less effort.

The last day of internship
Was the turning point,
When saying bye at the airport,
Promising to see each other soon.

They planned vacations together,
Having no time to take them.
After the children, there came
Brand new family responsibilities.

More changed than time zones
And long distance addresses,
They missed out on each others
Lives ups and downs completely.

Now they are familiar strangers
Their children will only hear of.
And to think they always wanted
Them to be best of friends too.

When either one of them think back,
Reminiscing on the good times,
They feel the chasm between them
Wishing they’d been better friends.

Ria 2016