S M Amadae -Relativity

Docile Democratic Victims


Borrowing has never grown

A country into being productive,

Because the loan interest requirements

When implemented are socially destructive.

Millions of tax dollars for annual

Government salaries and allowances,

And still they are wondering

How to balance the budget.

With people working harder

Under a wage freeze,

While approaching the summit

Of the economic disparities.

They had claimed that taxes are required

For the building of a nation,

But with this dependency on loans

Debt will be our devastation.

When we learn to be self-sufficient

By fulfilling our own needs,

Then the people will no longer suffer

For their politician’s greed.

Governments sell our beaches, land,

And our human and natural resources,

Openly as foreign direct investment

With no real home advantage.

Placing ridiculous tariffs on exports

Of all things that are locally produced,

While importing gallons and tonnes

Of d-grade garbage and foreign refuse.

And every few years

Elected to do it all again,

Voting for one of the two heads of state

Still  choosing that one snake in the end.

They come through campaigning

To woo you with deadly promises.

Falling for it, you always end up

Suffering from their shortcomings.

The political cycles persist

While their processes elude the citizens,

Who blindly ignore the system

Becoming docile democratic victims.


Ria 2016