Beyond the Sea - Sara Golish

Secrets In Cycles


She never mentioned

Being troubled by the blood,

Or how her monthly cycles

Were anything but good.

The general consensus, concluded

It a trivial necessity although

Purposefully it represented much more

Than swinging moods and endometrial slough.

She never tells that

Under endocrine control, comes manifold

Premonitions that transcend body temperatures.

Their celestial guidance seen as raging hormones.

Nor mentions that during the follicular phase,

There is love continuously renewed

When life is unconsciously reengaged

While its deepest passion is pursued.

She never states

The meaning of the ethereal glow,

Or the intuit power generated

From tides of the corpus luteum flow.

When life awaits its own making

Evoking intense creative vision,

The endless possibilities could never

Represent a fortnightly condition.

She never says,

For she never shared their sentiment.

Since all her cycles were welcomed

And never a cause for complaint.

Organisms replenishing potential,

Scorned, maligned, and negatively portrayed.

Held its own secrets in cycles, and periods,

And things she could never explain.


Ria 2016