Shadow Of A Man


Don’t flatter yourself son,

Your mother won’t let you know

That the way you treat your child

Fills her heart with sorrow.

How can you call yourself a man,

Seeing your child’s loving eyes

Glistening and filled with expectations

Then never fail to disappoint.

This child is a precedent

Exposing what a fathers truth is.

And every choice against the child

Are the ones karma never dismisses.

Never be fooled now son,

Your mother will gladly play your part.

To try to hide her shame of you,

She will pick up where you fall short.

A child takes love from where it comes

But spreads theirs everywhere,

Even fathers on the periphery of their life

Will receive an abundant share.

Life has a way of taking up

What’s left in its path rejected.

And your mother sees, sure enough

Into the heart of the child you neglected.

That her son is but a shadow

Of a man who’s afraid to be

Touched by the light of his child

After shirking his responsibilities.


Ria – circa 2012