eli thomas art - indian peace2

The Final Presentation


I was seated in the middle,
Wishing to be at home.
But I could not deny
That curiosity made me come.

The part that was for me
Food for thought moving ahead,
Was when the MC at the podium
Took the mic and then said-

Thank you for staying
For the  final presentation.
Without much ado the
The last speaker began –

World peace is impossible
Wish and pray all you want,
With all the passion you can find
At every given chance.

When was the last time
Your life felt peace filled?
Or you had the balance
Of things when tranquil?

I know you can’t remember
If it ever happened or was rear.
Barely maintaining peace in yourself
But expecting it everywhere.

You look into your mirror
Then judge imagined flaws.
And look out your window
Suspiciously at estranged neighbors.

They too are examined,
Failing against your standards.
Since you fear what is different
From you in the others.

And things that are similar,
Like the need for oxygen
And thriving on love,
Are clearly not relevant.

Then you have the gall
To speak of this peace anyway,
Which hardly visits you
Expecting it to reside elsewhere.

While all that’s emphasized by
The cultural norms and beliefs,
The customs and practices,
The social fears and ideals.

Forms the distinct areas
Where lines are drawn as borders.
By individuals or groups,
With any crossing causing wars.

Global serenity is but a dream
In moments of peace of mind.
And takes more work than wishing,
More acceptance, and some time.

This concludes our findings
On world peace of mind connections,
You are welcome to next meeting
Of the Earth Citizens Association.

Ria 2016