public restroom

Not Her


Inside a stall in the ladies’ room,
I waited for them leave
Before making an exit.

They had barged in
To vent, without first checking
If the place was empty.

After one stopped her sobbing,
Being consoled by the other,
The whole story poured out.

The one who was crying,
Explained how her husband
Had changed on her.

He had been so romantic,
Showered sweet compliments,
And always giving little gifts.

Now he only complained,
Was very distant and secretive
And never had time for her.

Her friend convinced her,
That men can get really strange
And that was to be expected.

She said there was more,
But she suspected it wasn’t worst
Than just a passing phase.

Going on to elaborate about
His questionable behavior,
Two months now and three days.

I was standing motionless,
Careful not to make a sound
Since I heard the entire story.

The owners of the voices
Had become obvious to me,
Hearing her side in disbelief.

Her friend was nice,
And asked what she planned to do
Now that she figured it out.

Their anniversary was coming
How could she leave after 8 years,
Plus she loved him regardless.

Any confrontation, she said,
Would serve no good purpose,
And only makes matters worst.

Her friend was encouraging
That she should do what’s best,
And look out for herself.

Dry eyes, and makeup reapplied,
They finally leave the bathroom,
And I start to breathe normally.

The warm water feels nice
On my hands at the sink,
Straightening my ring I stare at it.

Considering my own engagement
And  the betrayal I just heard,
Feeling afraid for myself.

Never having been the type
To eavesdrop on others,
But I’m glad I’m not her.

Pouring out my heart,
Sharing my plans and pain,
Unknowingly with my husbands lover.

Ria 2016