black art 1

It Seemed Wonderful


Just a few weeks ago

They were drinking red wine,

Standing on a terrace

Overlooking the city.

Enjoying each others company,

Both knowing it could lead

In either direction.

Like it usually does

In a situation such as theirs.

The more they got to know,

It became rather evident

That not all things

That came together

Are meant to stay that way.

And though it seemed wonderful

Too many compromises were required.

Making love difficult to flourish

Under the strain of it.

He’s quiet now.

Even when he calls

He has nothing much to say.

Reluctant to explain that

He has lost all interest,

And truth be told

Would rather avoid

The hesitant responses,

And awkward silences.

She was quiet too,

After saying hello.

She was no longer excited,

Her enthusiasm had faded

Since she lost her hope.

And quiet as it’s kept,

Would have preferred

The flow to ebb

To evade the tension.

She made it clear

In her own way

What the situation

Had actually become,

Deciding to move on.

He expected she would,

And prepared himself,

But obviously not enough

For how much he missed her.


Ria 2016