Behind His Back


Thoroughly he continued
To search her belongings,
He was unsure what to look for.

Naturally he had become
Suspicious of her actions,
But needed to find some proof.

There was definitely something
Going on behind his back,
He just wasn’t clear what.

After looking through her closet,
And drawers, and storage boxes,
He was none the wiser for it.

Nothing at all was there
To ease his apprehension,
Having searched everywhere.

He was laying on the sofa
Tired and rather upset,
When she walked in smiling.

Taking a seat on the chair,
She removed her shoes, propping
Her feet up on the center table.

He could not take it anymore,
And sat up to look at her
Unsure what to ask.

She asked if he was hungry,
Heading toward the kitchen
And got things out for cooking.

He approached the counter,
Thinking of what to say
Without making her angry.

First he beat around the bush,
Then came right out and said it,
Immediately wishing he hadn’t.

The pain in her face,
Shocked him like a sharp
Long dagger to his heart.

She admitted having a secret,
And planning behind his back
With his mother and sister in fact.

To organize a surprise party
For his birthday coming soon,
Now just a few days away.

She was so disappointed
At his lack of trust in her,
The tears rolled from her eyes.

He had been too insecure.
Holding her in his arms she cried,
While he felt like a fool.

He had not meant to hurt her

Or accuse her of fooling around,

She had been very good to him.

Consoling her, he realized

That what he really feared,

Was her cheating like he’d been.


Ria 2016