body politic 2

Attention Body Politic


Have you been paying attention

To the laws passed to govern you?

The budgets, the debates,

The summits, and conventions,

The policies, the amendments,

The treaties, the agreements on trade

And foreign relations.

Have those who you have elected

To represent on your behalf,

Been acting in your favor when they gather to effect change?

As boards, senates, councils, commissions, and agencies,

With the taxes, and the deductions

The interest and foreign exchange rates

And ridiculously numerous fees.

Who will address it all for us?

The unjust modern jurisprudence,

The negative mental constructs, the failed economics,

The insolence to culture, the social and moral decay.

Where are our heroes of today,

Those willing and able to turn with the tides

Into tomorrow’s better way?


Ria 2015



This is an excerpt from a previous post in my Jamaica Love category, written in anticipation of today’s General Elections in Jamaica.

One Love.