black power

Acts Of Sankofa


After so many attempts
To deplete our numbers,
And destroy us completely
We are still in your presence.

Your initial contact
Was sought only to save you,
By taking our things of value
For your own benefit.

First you came for a seat
At the feet of our wisdom,
Siphon off our knowledge,
Then decimate its source.

Then you returned for minerals
And natural deposits stored
In inexhaustible quantities ,
Which you continue to hoard.

Our most precious resource
Were our diverse people,
Who you enslaved and
Scattered across the globe.

Branding our spiritual thought
With your concepts of evil,
After mimicking from it
Whatever suited your soul.

Plaguing our brains,
With messages of how and why
We should hate our own form,
Features, kin, and kind.

Segregation and discrimination,
Codified systems and restrictions,
And disenfranchisement are routine
Parts of your racial apartheid.

Using us as guinea pigs
For results from medical trials,
Even observing our suffering
From the diseases you give us.

Failed by your systems
Of mandatory miseducation,
Landing dropouts right into
Your industrial prison complex.

You are more concerned
About celebrities fashion trends,
Than any of our folks shot dead
By your overzealous police.

Why would you not fear
Every act being avenged,
And all concepts of cruelty
Being returned as given.

This black fist in the air
Should have you worried
As a symbol we’re still present
After all your genocidal efforts

This black love is the power
And connects us to our past,
Before your deliberate disruption,
By our acts of Sankofa.

This black heart is a diamond,
And your centuries of plundering
Has dealt many deadly blows,
Still it continues to shine.

This black mind has chosen
To heed better mental constructs,
Than the obliteration of others
Who have failed to destroy it.

Ria 2016