Abe Solo

At Our Edges

Tragedies change things.
Creating a before and after,
A dividing line in memory
Separating time in two.

Preceding the incident
Is the precedent of normalcy.
Where the way things were,
Seemed to be set in stone.

Life had a special way
Of coddling back then,
Being gentle with our every
Very delicate parts.

Then like the swift machete
Leaving a wide gaping wound,
The occurrence opens us up
To shock and waves of pain.

Passing through this period
And the stages of grief,
At the most manageable pace
That can be undertaken.

But after the healing
Things are much different,
As with what is mended
Yet never exactly as it was,

The seams that were rejoined
To mend the split parts,
Now itch under the scar
Sometimes for no reason.

And reminds any survivor,
That now is the after
Which none had expected
To ever survive to see.

The actual change agent
Blunting our edges,
Where the few fragments
Still holds things together.

Bringing changes and such,
Melding then into our now.
Creased by the calamity
But not totally crushed.

Ria 2016