sun moon and stars

Primitive Light


In long past simpler times
We spend the hours differently,
Paying attention to the light of day
Noticing dark nights in new ways.

When the dawn breaks,
And the morning creeps in
Through these lives again,
Soft light dusting everywhere.

Warming till the height of noon,
To blaze high in the sky
Heating all in its path,
Our brightest time of light.

This is the best for ripening,
Shining all the sweetness into
What flows beneath the skin,
Where ultra violet soaks in.

At evening when it cools
Painting skies in tender hues,
Packing away the daily tools
Which needed light for their use.

With dusk the source will fall
Slowly beyond the horizon,
Covering in its darkness
Whatever remains at days end.

When the night arrives
And the moon reflects sunlight,
Stars speckle the heavens
Awakening thoughts and things.

Fires are lit and provide
Warmth in falling temperatures,
And some semblance of light
Unlike what days supply.

With its mysterious ways
The moon cycles we ignore,
Round and full or waning thin
Reflect to affect all flows.

Rest pulls us into clusters,
Safer sharing body heat.
Nocturnal hunters still prowl,
People dream and plants grow.

Barely noticing it now if at all,
Electrified to fractal confusion.
Overwhelming pineal glands
With unnatural illumination.

Primitive light shining eternal,
With all these modern ways.
The sun shines and moon reflect
And life on earth is sustained.

Ria 2016