Ted Ellis - My Old Quilt

Women At The Center


Unwinding this tightly wrapped
Copper from the spool,
The wire straightened across
The work bench with a tool.

Baked and air dried
The beads are ready now,
Polished and shining
To adorn where they’re strung.

Beautiful things come
From the movement of
The needles that stitch
Carefully their patterns.

At the women’s center
We get to create things
That helps us focus
On our productivity.

Working with our hands,
Learning new methods,
Having helpful chats
And hearing many stories.

It was always the same
When the session ended,
The moral of the stories
Constantly surrounded love.

The efforts that were made
To give it or receive it,
The effects of its scarcity,
The want and need for it.

The embroidery, crochet,
Weaving, quilting and knitting,
Beading and metal twisting
Were all made with love.

Handcrafted and sold,
The profits help sponsor
Many community projects
And those in need also benefited.

The women at the center,
Through their love filled works,
Over the ages quietly creating
Countless satisfactory advancements.

Ria 2016