Artist Al Burts

Where Love Had Grown


The most beautiful teeth
In that crooked smile,
Hands rough from work
Gently holding mine.

Our life together never was
What we had dreamt at first,
But always doing our best
We planned to make it work.

Choosing to connect
Leaving the baggage behind,
With all the other drama
That had dotted our lives.

The past was long gone
Now two lives were on track,
She was the good reason why
He never even glanced back.

She had waited impatiently
Sad at the end of every visit,
While he took time to prepare
Loving her more each minute.

With her, the life he made
Was what they both deserved.
His heart was home again,
She was his love reserves.

It had been rough at times
Playing roulette with the bills,
Choosing between utilities,
Many peanut butter sandwiches.

There were no secrets
But always tenderness,
We would disagree on things
Except the love we possessed.

What we had planned
Was to be together forever,
Now retired with grand children
We’d made each others life better.

The hand he still held
Was now showing its age,
And we became accustomed
To the smiles we exchanged.

There where wrinkles, grey hairs,
And mannerisms well known,
Like the memories in the corners
Where love had grown.

Today she’s filled with gratitude
And finds herself smiling,
He took her lemonade
While she was out gardening.

He lifted her in his arms
Her head against his chin,
Thinking how her love made
Him feel strengthened within.

And how empowering it is
To find your souls complement,
And why growing old together
Is our greatest achievement.

Ria 2016