The Right Ingredients


Whatever you’re making,
The right ingredients
Makes all the difference.

It’s what gives you
The outcome you desire
From your own designs.

Care must be taken,
As too much of any one thing
Is really good for nothing.

I had childhood dreams
Of becoming a baker,
Bread is all I wanted to make.

My mother made it seem
It was impossible to find yeast,
So that dream was vanquished.

Sometimes I would still
Find her recipe book and read
About the methods of baking bread.

That’s where I learned later
The similarities in making
Love grow and bread baking.

First both require having
All necessary ingredients,
And sufficient time and patience.

There is also need for strength
As the dough must be kneaded,
Like needs in love should be heeded.

When the ingredients
Are thoroughly combined
They must be left to rest and rise.

When placed into the heat
Both will either bake or burn,
It’s a hard lesson to learn.

Before it can be enjoyed,
It must sit and cool first
Or there’ll be crumbling at worst.

When the methods
Are followed as instructed
We marvel at what was created.

Even with the best ingredients,
Love or bread will rot away eventually
Unless both are made fresh when  necessary.


Ria 2015