aesthetics of a crisis

Fleeing The Devastation


Pestilence on a rampage
Daily bombing of families
Kidnappings and mass graves

We had lived in peace with neighbors
Corporative in our communities
Confident in our leaders

Now the morgues are full
And no space in the cemeteries
For the bodies and burial

There were free utilities
All benefitted from the incentives
Of cash and other opportunities

Now we just try to eat
And survive the days and nights
With a warm place to sleep

We took pride in our nation
Developed our economy
Advancing the population

The best border crossing
Is all people discuss now
To abandon their land of origin

Our desires was never to run
But we are left without choice
Amidst the destruction

Hoards begin the migration
On foot or in cars or boats
Fleeing the devastation

The effort to escape
Claims many more lives
And others are reshaped

We know the route by waterway
Is not very safe to travel
But our chances are better than staying

Standing at your gates
Begging for an entry
To settle and feel safe

We have been displaced

Not by natural disaster
But by conflict and violence

We desire a chance to rebuild
Not placed in camps on UN grants
And become lifelong refugees

The conflict between our leaders
That brought war to our doorstep
As individuals should not impede us

For you to extend some kindness
Even a cautious welcome
And help us through our crisis


Ria 2016


We have had over 75 years of major refugee crisis around the world. The numbers affected can be viewed here, courtesy of The Washington Post.

The info-graphic below was created for World Refugee Day 2015 by


The Real Story of Refugees

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