We Had Our Own


Loin cloth, neck and belly beads
Ear piercing and body scars
Tribal tattoos and facial marks

Ceremonies and rituals
Practices as ancient as time
No rights of passage clandestine

Lifelong respect for the elders
Honoring the girls and women
Allowing the boys to become men

Growing and hunting food
Sharing seeds banked and saved
Trading on the market days

Weaving of textile
Printing designs on fabric or sewn
Creating wraps and robes

Taming the metallurgy furnace
For copper, bronze, silver and gold
Sculpting, jewelry, masks and more

Universities world renown
Educating international students
Grand libraries par excellence

Mapping the heavenly cycles
And activities of the universe
Speaking of Sirius B and C first

Travelling on ocean currents
To lands afar creating allies
Engaging exchanges to develop ties

The gods and the ancestors
Charted paths at every step
Our ways worked for our own happiness

The squabbles were settled
Or at least were pacified
Balance and cycles always justified

We were very welcoming
Into our hearts and homes
Assuming goodwill we felt secure

They came few then plenty
Greedy and manipulative
Every area and group exploited

Industrialising their nation
Built on years of our enslavement
Our labour made their wealth

Forcefully scattered all over
Still surviving the insanity
Enduring its every variety

No reparation for the greatest injustice
In all the eras of humanity
Having interrupted our history

Being deterred but not daunted
By your destructive progress
We had our own glory but have  digressed

Our artifacts in your museums
Attest to foundations we laid in the past
That has paved the way to your present path

No need for forced repayment
Knowing you owe all you own
It will be resolved in times to come

Still you end your prayers
Reverencing our God Amen
But will get no absolution from him

Ria 2016

Egyptian God Amen