Wanchana Intrasombat

Stranger There


He cracked the shell
And scramble out
Hair damp, no shirt.

Barefoot he seemed to float
Passing over the others
Careful not to break them.

The air was warm
He followed the light
Toward the crawling island.

Things were stranger there.
First he met a kind old man
With an aviary in his sinus cavity.

Then the lady who lost her wig
After pinning on her face
And couldn’t find it anywhere.

He watched her funny looking pet
Choose its ears for the day
That would show his feelings.dreaming 3

This was just too funny to bear
Laughing hard, he rolled around
Holding his aching side.

When he fell out of bed
Then he opened his eyes
Grinning in the darkness.

He got back under the covers
Trying to get comfortable
And doze off again.

Then he found her wig
Beside him in bed
And there was no more dreaming.

Ria 2016