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Deep cracks lined many areas on the narrow walkway.
Moving carefully, he edged a bit closer to the steps.
They were slippery and uneven, but he climbed slowly.
To the area on the roof where they had slept on hot nights.

It was empty as expected, so he sat and rested there.
He knew this would be a safe place until he moved on.
The idea was to keep moving and continue to survive.
Reasons for moving were many, but few for surviving.

Every single bit of motivation just up and left him.
Running had always been her way of moving on.
Surviving then was relative, as she had always been his reason.
Sitting there now he had the clearest memories of her.

It was not that he was feeling sorry for himself.
Although he had climbed all the way to the roof.
He just needed some solitude in this now abandoned home.
Intending to watch the stars and flee his wretchedness.

But the silence his mind was overcome with her voice.
Her laughter was as real to him as if she had been right there.
He had question that he could not bring himself to ask.
The time for them had long passed since she left.

Listening to her speak her mind in his, until he fell asleep.
And woke early to watch day break on his loneliness.
Climbing down from the roof with a bearable reason.
If in her absence, she would be with him in his heart.


Ria 2016