Grave Digger by Alexander

It Is Death


Gnashing at the heels
Of whoever tries to out run it
In a race it always wins

No regard for age or status
It is the inevitable end
To which all must attend

After being overcome by it
Never returning to tell the tale
Of what’s there to fear

I speak on it today for once
Before my time comes
When I have no voice

Yes for some it is a relief
From unimaginable pain
Which ends when it arrives

But for we who remain
As it hovers around our heads
The agony is amplified

Overall it’s a monstrous thief
Of all that is beloved
In most violating robberies

We marvel at the length
Of the life of wicked people
Who it seems reluctant to end

And the brief existence
Of those beautiful kind souls
That it hurriedly rushes in for

It is deaths sting that decides
What of our words and works
Will outlive our fragile vessels


Ria 2016