The Drums


We found the drums
That they had banned
Us from playing back then
And gave them a beating

We beat them and they told us
All the secrets that 
Our ancestors had left
In their worthy resound

When they had fallen silent
We had stopped dancing
Until they filled the air again
With their ancient rhythms

Reborn in each beat
For the drums sounds stored
Also the secret of the sun
Moving its children in the heat

Dancing to the drums
All the rituals were revived
As our sweat dripped onto
The earth as libation

Stomping in the dust
Grinning wide eyed
Arms outstretched reaching
Out to meet each vibration

The drums told all they knew
Every time we raise our hands
And let it fall on their skins
Near center or around the rim

We would hear from the past
What it had said then
And still says over again
In the language of our heart

When the drum speaks
Every right of passage passed
Comes forward in each boom
Thundering into memory

Quickening its pace then slowing
The drum beat encapsulates us

And reverberates its dynamism
In our ever pulsating atoms


Ria  2016