lovely broken

Unbalanced Scales


If I had my own way,
I would have prepared
My last meal myself at leisure.

With my home grown cabbage
And onions, garlic, ginger,
Sea salt and grounded pimento.

Instead my last meal 
Will be whatever fast food
Is most convenient to fetch.

I had asked the warden
If I could make a simple
Blended banana ice cream.

He chuckled and said
That was an unprecedented
Request, but again no.

I sat in my cell and waited,
Thinking how I had a good life
And of all I hadn’t done yet.

No high court would overturn
The final decision on my case,
The trial was a media circus.

The quick ruling clearly
A judiciary disgrace,
Now I am the lamb to slaughter.

They had convinced a jury
Beyond the shadow of a doubt
That it must have been me.

I was the perfect loner patsy
Quiet, single and no alibi
Finding a body near my library.

That was twelve years ago.
It was yesterday that the warden said no
To my request to make my meal.

Today the councilor came
To explain the execution process
And ask for any final request,

I told him to find out the truth
That my death tomorrow
Was meant to conceal.

The night past me wide awake.
And I thought my life through and
Never before now, my dying.

I showered early, patient
While I waited for the guard
To bring whatever food they got.

As he left I told him,
Like I did anyone in earshot,
‘They’re killing me for nothing.’

He knew, they all knew
As they strapped me to the gurney
The tragedy that it would be.

Inserting two needles into my arm,
Heart monitors put in place,
And the curtain is drawn.

The two opposing lawyers
And the warden were to witness
The last letter of the law.

I feel the flow of saline
Then expect the anesthetic
Which does not put me to sleep

My arms burn but I am paralyzed
And I stare into the ceiling
As my heart stops beating

The monitors start beeping
I am pronounced dead
And the time is recorded

Outside the media is notified
The injustice accepted
As another modern day sacrifice

Again justice turns a blind eye
Victims often fall onto her sword

From her unbalanced scales.

Ria 2016