Frank Morrison - Cozy



Red rose petals
Made a path to the balcony
Where a table was set for two.

You pulled out my chair
We dined under the stars
Talking and laughing till dawn.

I wrote that as a record
Of our first date, thinking of
Our life together since then.

After meeting you by chance that day
Then spending hours wondering,
What time eventually revealed.

Like, if you are as equally kind
As you are beautiful,
And stole glances as I did.

Or if when you smile at me,
You could also hear
My heart pounding inside.

What if we could have
Read each others minds
And learn the private thoughts.

Yet if you had just
Seen deep into my eyes,
You would have no questions.

But if you were ever to ask,
You know that my yes
Would be your answer.

What if love had passed us by
Because we didn’t take the chance
To say yes to what felt right.

Well if we never risked doing things
With no restrain in each exchange,
Our lives would be different .

So even if we wasted time before
There was no more wondering
After seeing how our love has grown.


Ria 2016